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Could you imagine your favorite idols signing with different agencies?

Here is our list of some idols who have switched companies:


Hyuna (4Minute)


She made her debut with Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment in February of 2007, however she left the group on July after her parents concern of her health. In 2008, she signed with Cube Entertainment and debuted as a member of 4minute in 2009.


Soyeon ( T-ara)


She was a former trainee of SM Entertainment and was supposed to be a member of Girl’s Generation, however, she left the agency six months six months before the group’s debut due to personal reasons. She signed with MBK Entertainment and debuted as a member of T-ara.


G-Dragon (BIGBANG)


He trained under SM Entertainment starting at the age of 8, but left after five years as he was not sure about what he wanted to do. He later signed with YG Entertainment after catching the interest of Sean from Jinusean.


Lee Hyori (Fin.K.L.)

lee hyori

She trained under SM Entertainment and was supposed to debut as a member of a girl group, however, she left the agency due to personal reasons and signed with DSP Entertainment and became a member of Fin.K.L.


Yubin (Wonder Girls), UEE (After School), Hyosung (SECRET), G.NA, Jiwon (SPICA)

Five Girls

The girls were supposed to be members of Five Girls, a girl group under Good Entertainment. However, due to the company experiencing financial difficulty, the group disbanded in 2007. All the girls signed with other agencies, Yubin with JYP Entertainment, UEE with Pledis Entertainment, Hyosung with TS Entertainment, G.NA with CUBE Entertainment and Jiwon with B2M Entertainment.


Are there other idols which we have missed?

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