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Actress Gong Hyun Joo revealed to have fainted underwater while diving in “Law of the Jungle.”

The actress appeared on the variety in order to join her actor boyfriend Lee Sang Yeob in a trip to Samoa. Gong Hyun Joo and Lee Sang Yeob were the first real couple to appear on the show.

On the January 1 broadcast of the show, Kim Byung Man and his team attempted a 50 meter dive relay. Gong Hyun Joo, who was seventh member in line, jumped in the water without any hesitation. Her boyfriend who watched her jumped had commented, “In the water, she is better than me.”

Gong Hyun Joo grabbed the safety line and propelled herself down. But started to act strangely after a while. She started to have faint traces of movement and hovered at the same spot.

Gong Hyun Joo Law of the Jungle 2It turns out that the actress had fallen victim to loss of motor control (LMC) which is a loss of consciousness and movement caused by lack of oxygen in the brain.

Luckily, the safety operator had helped Gong Hyun Joo to reach the surface where she then regained consciousness. The worried Lee Sang Yeob then hurried over to her side.

Gong Hyun Joo Law of the Jungle 1The actress is known for her roles on dramas, “Hotel King,” “You are my Destiny” and “All In.”

Meanwhile, the variety show “Law of the Jungle” airs every Friday at 10 pm KST.

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