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Actress and model Clara Lee revealed to be preparing for a comeback soon!

It has been revealed that Clara would be coming back to the entertainment industry under her own label Koreana Clara.

It is said that she is currently reviewing 1-2 offers to make comeback and is already talking to the staff regarding filming.

Reports are reveal that Clara’s offers are probably going to be films instead of dramas. It is also said that she is currently resting up at Singapore and would be visiting Hong Kong next. She is also said to be aiming to return early next year, however, there are still no reports of when she would be coming back to Korea.

The actress and model have previously dropped her lawsuit with her former management agency Polaris Entertainment on September 18, to which she filed a lawsuit to terminate her contract on the grounds of sexual harassment from the company’s CEO Lee Kyu Tae in December of 2014.

Polaris Entertainment then countered the allegations and filed a lawsuit against Clara for blackmailing the company in order to end her contract which was supposed to be expired on 2018.

Meanwhile, Clara is known for her roles on TV dramas such as “Goddess of Marriage,” and “Emergency Couple,” as well as on films such as “Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies”, “Ask This of Rik-yu” and “Five Senses of Eros.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Clara’s future activities!


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