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Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN revealed his thoughts about the mixed reactions to his dramatic weight loss and shared his secret to losing weight.

On the group’s recent appearance on “Cultwo Show,” the MCs commented about Seungkwan’s recent 7kg (around 15lbs) weight loss.

They shared, “Fans told us to let Seungkwan know that he does not look cool at all after losing 7kg.”

To this, Seungkwan answered, “A lot of people have told me that. It is kind of hard to say this, but there are also some who have said that even 1lb of me upsets them. However, some have also said that I look prettier after losing some weight.”

Previously, during the group’s album showcase, the SEVENTEEN member revealed, “It is an automatic weight loss since the choreography is very intense. It is a ‘BOOMBOOM’ diet. Even if I did not try to lose my weight, I naturally burned fat and lost weight. My face then became better looking. I asked Hoshi to continue making difficult choreographies.”

Seungkwan then added, “I got fat after Chuseok. I was really discouraged. I wanted to become good looking since I am an idol. So, I watched what I ate and did burpees. I lost 7kg after that.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has recently made their comeback with the track “BOOMBOOM.”

Take a look at SEVENTEEN’s comeback track below!

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