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The 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival that was attended by 4Minute, T-ara, Junggigo and Cherry Filter became a tragedy because of the ventilation grate, that collapsed because of  The weight of the fans wanting to get a closer look to 4minute‘s performance causing the people to fall 10 meters/33 ft and the police and rescue workers rushed to the scene. The workers was reported that they should drill through a wall 4 stories below the surface to reach the victims.

It was said that during the performance of 4Minute, people began to crowd in that area to get a better view of the girl group.

After the reports, 4minute’s agency Cube Entertainment released their official statement:

The concert in question wasn’t 4minute’s solo concert, but other artists also attended. After 4minute’s concert, the members and all the staff were not aware that the tragedy occurred and left the venue. It was only when they returned to Seoul that they heard the news about the accident. We hope that the incident today doesn’t cause great damage to those who attended.”

It was also later on reported that  most of victims that were dead and injured are men in their 30s-40s, but there are also a few victims in their 20s. The “Techno Valley” is home to a number of technology-related organizations and office buildings, and a large number of employees attended the festival after their work. It’s also reported that there were 300 security guards for the 700-person event. An insider gave a statement saying that the event organizers repeatedly warned people to stay away from the grate.

(translated by allkpop)

We are extending our condolonces to the families of the victims. RIP