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While actor Song Joong Ki returns to his civilian life after being discharged from the military, young actor Park Ji Bin enlists for active service in the military today.

Born on March 14, 1995, young actor Park Ji Bin who is now 20 years old has officially enlisted for active duty on May 26.

park ji bin

His enlistment for military service was supposed to be last year, however it was pushed back as his father unexpectedly passed away last June.

He has also completed his contract with his agency KeyEast last year and has recently attended his sister’s wedding this month. The actor has been making his preparations for his two year service in the army as an active soldier.

He has revealed that he wants to finish his military service earlier than the other male celebrities before he returns to promote as an actor again with a more mature and adult image since he still has a very child-like look.

Park Ji Bin has gained popularity after winning several awards as a child actor. He has won the ‘Best Young Actor’ award in three different dramas including, ‘Perfect Love’, ‘Golden Apple’ and ‘Yi San’.

He is also known for his young character roles in the hit dramas ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Queen Seondok’, ‘May Queen’ and ‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’.

Let’s wish him his safety and good health as he serves as an active soldier for the next two years.

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