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CEO Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment has recently revealed the agency’s upcoming plans for their three boy groups— iKON, WINNER and Big Bang. The CEO have promised the fans that there will be a new album for all of the three groups before this year comes to an end.

Recently, boy group Big Bang made their two day concert BIGBANG’s 2015 world tour ‘MADE in Seoul’ at the Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. After the said concert, CEO Yang Hyun Suk was interviewed by TV Report and have revealed that, Big Bang will release single tracks one after another beginning this May 1. On September, they will be releasing their full-length album ‘MADE’ which will include all those songs.”


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Fans of YG’s survival program ‘Mix and Match’ are also wondering when the boys of iKON will be making their debut. They also wonder who will be the next artist to comeback after Big Bang.

Yang Hyun Suk then reveals, “After Big Bang’s comeback project, iKON’s debut album will come out. Once every three days, I have been meeting with iKON to plan for their debut album. After iKON’s debut album, WINNER will then have their comeback album release.”


“WINNER already has built a fandom after their debut last year in which they also won the rookie award. I think it would be better to give iKON an opportunity to debut first before WINNER’s comeback,” he continued.

Are you excited for Big Bang, WINNER and iKON’s albums?