Home » Writer of BoA’s song “No.1” receives royalties after 13 years

 Kim Young Ah who wrote BoA’s hit song “No.1” has been revealed to have finally received royalties after 13 years.

The Supreme Court revealed on July 6 that Kim Young Ah’s case against Universal Music Korea has finally been settled. Previously, the writer sued the company to confirm that she is the creator of BoA’s song.

As a result, Kim Young Ah would be receiving 45 million won (40,000 USD) for royalty fees on the song as well as 5 million won (4,400 USD) as compensation for her psychological distress because of the issue.


Back in 2002, Kim Young Ah was asked to write “No.1” for BoA and received 2 million won (18,000 USD) from BoA’s agency SM Entertainment. Afterwards, SM Entertainment has signed a music copyright licensing contract with Universal Music Korea.

After a year, Universal Music Korea has registered “No.1” with Korea Music Copyright Association and have listed the writer of the song as (Ziggy) Siguard Rosnes and the original copyright holder as Saphary Songs.

In 2011, Kim Young Ah has then requested Korea Music Copyright Association to delay the payment of royalties to Universal Music Korea. The following year, she has filed a lawsuit to Universal Music Korea for confirmation that she is the song writer of the said song.

The song “No.1” is the title track of BoA’s second Korean album which has the same name. A Japanese version of the song was also released after two months.

Watch BoA’s “No.1” music video below!