Home » ‘Superstar K7’ contestant Shin Ye Young rants on SNS regarding ‘evil editing’

Previously, Shin Ye Young had been swept up in a controversy with regards to her attitude during her rival mission with fellow contestant Cheon Dan Bi. The contestants practiced Sung Si Kyung’s “Goodbye One More Time,” however, because of Shin Ye Young’s poor health, she had a hard time with the high notes. During the rehearsal, their vocal trainer pointed out her lackluster performance, so Cheon Dan Bi suggested to switch their parts.

On Shin Se Young’s interview, she says, “I think that Cheon Dan Bi is jealous of me,” to which the viewers then criticized her for being selfish.

In response to the criticisms, Shin Se Young then posts on her Facebook account about how she felt wronged regarding the unfairness of the criticisms which she received. “I am definitely a victim of manipulative editing. The ‘me’ on broadcast was mostly a made-up concept. The problematic parts of the broadcast were when the videographers came to me with hidden mics, started a conversation while pretending to be empathetic… but they were actually filming secretly and when around ten videographers shoved a mic in between my legs and filmed me when I politely declined to be filmed due to my poor condition at that time.”

She further explains, “There are reasons as to why I said the things I said back then. They never explain those reasons and construct a story based on random cuts they stitch together. Right before the airing of that show, I got a call from the writer in charge and told me not to explain myself on social media no matter how unfairly I may be portrayed.”

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