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Former f(x) member Sulli has been revealed to have visited the emergency room due to a wrist injury.

According to the reports, the actress went to the hospital along with her manager and got emergency treatment for around 30 minutes and got an X-ray as well.

Following the reports, rumors have come out saying that Sulli had attempted suicide and that her relationship with Dynamic Duo member Choiza is not going well.

With regards to the issue, Choiza’s agency, Amoeba Culture, revealed, “There is a rumor going on that Choiza and Sulli’s relationship is on the rocks. However, we have not heard a thing about it from them. This is a personal matter between the two of them. We, as a company, will not be interfering with it.”

Sulli’s management agency, SM Entertainment has clarified, “We have spoken with Sulli and confirmed that her wrist injury was due to carelessness while she was at home. She went to the emergency room on Friday morning for treatment. After that, she came home.”

They also stated, “The two of them (Sulli and Choiza) are still in a good relationship.”

In addition, Sulli herself has updated her Instagram account saying, “I got hurt by accident. I apologize for making you worry.”

Seoul National University Hospital, on the other hand, has refused to disclose any information about Sulli’s injury to protect her privacy.

Meanwhile, Sulli has recently wrapped up the filming of her new movie, “Real” which is set to premiere next year.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue!