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Actor Song Il Gook receives offer for KBS upcoming drama “Jang Young Sil” but he might choose between the drama and KBS variety show “Superman Returns”.

If the actor chooses the drama offer, it would be his first comeback in the small screen since his appearance in “Crime Squad” back in 2011. However, he is currently facing a dilemma with the filming schedules of both shows.

Currently, Song Il Gook is appearing in “Superman Returns” along with his triplet sons Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se.


The actor is revealed to be reviewing the offer for the drama carefully as it may interfere with his filming for the said variety show.

According to reports, the filming for “Superman Returns” happens every two or three weeks for two days. If it happens that this fixed schedule would overlap with his filming for the drama, it would surely put pressure on Song Il Gook physically and mentally. The actor might find it difficult to balance the filming schedules for the two shows, which could result with him withdrawing from “Superman Returns”.

On June 21, a representative from the drama reveals, “It would be possible for the production team of both shows to coordinate regarding his schedule. The final decision comes down to Song Il Gook.”


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