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Actor Song Il Gook has finally made his decision whether which project should he be doing, if he would be staying on “Superman Returns” with his triplets, take the new drama offer or choose both programs.

Previously, the actor was faced in dilemma as he has received an offer for a role in KBS new drama “Jang Young Sil”, however, accepting the role might put burden on him as he is currently appearing on KBS variety show “Superman Returns” along with his triplets.


It is said that the actor was carefully reviewing the drama offer as the filming schedules for the two programs may overlap. It could possibly burden the actor both physically and mentally.

It was then revealed that Song Il Gook would be choosing both programs! This means that the actor would be taking the drama offer and would still be in the variety show along with his triplets.

The producers of “Superman Returns” along with the producers of the upcoming drama “Jang Young Sil” have ultimately come to an agreement with regards to the filming schedules. According to them, the reason why they have decided to coordinate schedules was because of Song Il Gook’s desire to stay in the variety program with his kids and take the role in a production which interests him.

Meanwhile, the upcoming drama “Jang Young Sil” is set to premiere on January of next year.

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