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Rainbow members leave handwritten letter to fans following the group’s disbandment.

Rainbow writes:

“Hello, the Rainbow has risen.

Whenever we shouted this greeting, we always gain strength, and we are happy that we gave you great energy. Through our DSP friends, we realized our dreams, formed Rainbow and received lots of love and support. We were also able to obtain a very precious family.

That is why we were very hurt when we heard of the word ‘disbandment’ in yesterday’s headlines. We think that all of you, most especially Rainnous who supported us, were disappointed and shocked.

Even if Rainbow’s contract has ended and our official promotions with DSP Media have ended, we are not yet disappearing! We will continue to support each other as we did before and we will be with you all. If we work hard in our spots, we believe that we will all be able to reunite one day. First place is not important! All the moments we have had with you are happy and precious.

Thank you for making us happy for the past seven years. We will wait until we can make Rainbow rise in your hearts once again. From Rainbow!”


Meanwhile, the girl group made their debut in 2009 with the track, “Gossip Girl.” The group is known for their songs, “A,” “To Me,” “Sweet Dream,” “Tell Me Tell Me,” “Black Swan” and “Whoo.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the members!

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