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Maxim Korea apologizes and recalls controversial September issue following growing criticisms.

Previously, the men’s magazine has been under fire for their September issue featuring actor Kim Byung Ok in a photo shoot having a ‘Bad Guy’ concept and includes the caption “So the girls like the ‘bad guy’ types? Here is a true bad guy. It is to die for, isn’t it?”

Following the release of the issue, netizens have voiced out their irritation saying that the issue was ‘beautifying violence against women’. However, Maxim Korea explained that they were only aiming to express crime in a stylish way and not glorifying sexual assault.


Despite the magazine’s explanation, the criticisms continued to grow with the international community taking notice of the cover as well. Cosmopolitan UK as well as Maxim U.S. has heavily criticized the publication for its concept.

Moreover, a petition through Avaaz.org has also collected more than 10,000 signatures in support of the recall of the cease of the circulation of the September issue.

In response to the criticisms, Maxim Korea has issued their apology and has promised to recall the September issue. The magazine also made it clear that it was not their intention to glorify violence and that they would take full responsibility for the inappropriate photo as well as the caption.

The magazine also revealed that the revenue which they had already generated from the sales of the September issue would be donated to women’s rights groups and would be used to help prevent sexual violence.

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