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KBS goes on a banning spree with banning songs from artists like AOA, Verbal Jint, SEVENTEEN and more, deeming them to be unfit for broadcast.

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Following the shocking news of SBS banning BIGBANG after G-Dragon and T.O.P failed to appear in the award segment of the show, KBS now goes on a banning spree.


On June 17, KBS bans AOA’s ‘Chocolate’ which is one of the tracks in their upcoming 3rd mini- album ‘Heart Attack’. According to KBS, the song was not fit for broadcast because of the use of vulgar and abusive language.
Meanwhile, rookie group SEVENTEEN’s song ‘Ah Yeah’, Verbal Jint & Sanchez’s ‘Hate’ and Pippi Band’s ‘Robot Ganadaramabasa’ were also banned for broadcast because of mentioning some certain product names.


FNC Entertainment, AOA’s agency has responded to ban through Star News. The company reveals, “After checking the song and revising the lyrics, we plan to ask KBS for a re-evaluation. Either way, the song isn’t the group’s title track so there would be no problem in broadcast promotions.”


SEVENTEEN’s agency, Pledis Entertainment also responds, “The song is not a track which they are promoting on broadcast, no plans for a re-evaluation have been made. During SEVENTEEN’s recent debut showcase on a cable channel, we have changed the lyrics temporarily.”

Other tracks which was banned from broadcast were ‘Good Boy’ by Yeonnamdong Dumb&Dumber, EVO’s ‘Today & Tomorrow’, ‘Struggle’ by Mashup, Soundbox‘s ‘Music Is My Everything’, ‘Fantasy Namiseom Island’ by Geonadeul and ‘Hybrid Future’ by PATiENTS.


What do you think of the actions made by KBS?