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Former After School leader Kahi revealed to be three months pregnant!

Kahi’s agency confirmed that the female artist and her husband would be welcoming their first baby in November. The agency reveals, “It is true that Kahi is pregnant. It has been three months and the birth is planned for this coming November.”

With regards to the previous rumors that Kahi had a shotgun wedding, her agency then explains, “She was not aware that she was pregnant before the wedding. Kahi recently went to the hospital for an exam and was surprised to find out that she was three months pregnant.”

After the news, a lot of fans have congratulated her and her husband. The artist then took to her own Instagram account to post her gratitude to the fans who have congratulated her by posting a photo of herself and her husband along with the message, “Our family of three will live well. ^^ Thank you Lord for giving us a new life! I also thank the people who congratulated us! Most especially the fans! I love you <3 I am in Phuket right now enjoying a vacation with the team of ‘Produce 101.’ I will enjoy myself, have fun and return safely.”

Meanwhile, Kahi and her husband previously had a private wedding in March 26 at Hawaii. Her husband, Yang Joon Moo, is the CEO of Incase Korea.

She has recently become a dance mentor for the female trainees of the Mnet survival show, “Produce 101.”


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