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2AM member Jo Kwon has recently made a very shocking revelation that he is dating someone in the recent interview with HIGH CUT magazine.

On the latest issue of HIGH CUT magazine which was released on May 21, 2AM member Jo Kwon, along with his co stars in the upcoming musical ‘Chess’, B1A4’s CNU and VIXX’s Ken transformed into triplets.


In the interview, Jo Kwon was asked as to what he felt whenever he was being mentioned in articles about his former ‘We Got Married’ wife Ga In and her current boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon.

The two were known as the ‘Adam Couple’ and their pairing has become a hit among fans due to their lovable personalities.

He responds, “I don’t really mind it. But when people compare me to him saying like ‘He’s taller than Jo Kwon’ or ‘He is way better than Jo Kwon’ it frustrates me a bit.”


In a ‘Happy Together 3’ broadcast Jo Kwon has revealed that he was disappointed when he found out that Ga In was already dating someone and had found out about it in an article.

Previously, he also revealed to be in a ‘some’ relationship and reveals to HIGH CUT, “I am already 27 now, it would be ridiculous if say that I have always been single. Even now, I am seeing someone.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon’s upcoming musical would premiere on June 19.

Who do you think is the lucky girl that Jo Kwon is dating?

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