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Jessica Jung talks about Tiffany’s solo debut with “I Just Wanna Dance” and her relationship with the other Girls’ Generation members on recent interview.

Jessica reveals, “I have listened to Tiffany’s song and watched her music video of ‘I Just Wanna Dance.’ Also, I have watched her showcase. It really shows that Tiffany really wanted to express herself. But, I feel that there are a lot of people who think that there is competition between myself and Tiffany and they think it is fun.”

She adds, “Rather than being rivals, both of us came out with different types of music. I hope that you guys would have fun while listening to both. I support Tiffany’s promotion and hope that it goes well.”

With regards to her relationship with other Girls’ Generation members, Jessica reveals, “There are members that I still keep in touch with, and there are also those members that I don’t. Although we could not be able to work together, I hope that Girls’ Generation does well for a long time.”

After the controversial leave of Jessica from the girl group, she has been busy with her fashion brand Blance&Eclare. She has also recently made her solo debut with the mini album, “With Love, J” along with its lead single, “Fly” which features American rapper Fabolous.

jessica with love j

Jessica has also recently admitted her relationship with long-time boyfriend Tyler Kwon.


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