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The identity of the famous “Gold Lacquer Used Two Buckets” of MBC’s variety show King of Mask Singerhas been revealed in the latest broadcast!

After six weeks and gaining two victories, the masked singer’s identity has finally been revealed, she has shocked the celebrity panel and earned praises from them.

Luna mask singer2

In the latest episode of “King of Mask Singer,” the masked singer sung Nami’s song “Sad Fate”. However, she was not able to get her third win.

At the end, the identity of the singer was revealed and it was none other than f(x)’s main vocal Luna!

Watch the unveiling below:


Recently, the identity of the masked singer has gained attention from fans as many netizens have debated whether it was Luna or not. Read why they thought it was Luna here!

After removing the mask, Luna says “I thought that if I wear this mask, I’d be able to show everyone all that I have always wanted to do. I had no idea it would be really hard to express my emotions by using only my voice.”

Luna mask singer

The judges had no idea who the person behind the mask is, they have even thought that she was not an idol. Luna has received praises from the celebrity panel and she was unable to hold back her tears.

Judge Shin Bong Sun commented, “Thank you for such great performances.” Luna bursts into tears and Shin Bong Sun continues, “We were able to watch her sing for six weeks, it was really the best performances. We are grateful.”

Another judge, Kim Gu Ra attempts to make Luna laugh by saying, “Ask Lee Soo Man (SM Entertainment’s former CEO) to buy something delicious for you.”

Were you able to guess that it was Luna?

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