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Actress Han Groo has been reported to have received the offer for the female lead role in tvN’s ‘Reply 1988.’

Korean media outlet MBN reported on May 15 that Han Groo has received the offer for the female lead role and that she would be the most likely candidate out of the other possible actresses. It is also said that the producers are discussing the casting with Han Groo seriously.

Han Groo is known for her roles in the dramas ‘Just Like Today’, ‘Can We Get Married?’, ‘One Warm Word,’ and ‘Marriage, Not Dating.’

She has also won the ‘New Star Award’ for the drama ‘One Warm Word’ in SBS Drama Awards last 2014.

The upcoming drama ‘Reply 1988’ is said to be the third installment of the ‘Reply’ series. Since the previous two series ‘Reply 1997’ and ‘Reply 1994’ have become a hit among the Korean drama fans, a third installment will be made.

Repply 1997


Lee Il Hwa and Song Dong Il who were also cast members in the two ‘Reply’ series has been confirmed regarding their appearance for the third installment. Kim Sung Kyun who also played the character Samcheonpo’ in ‘Reply 1994’ will also be appearing in ‘Reply 1988.’

The drama ‘Reply 1988’ is set to premiere at the latter half of this year and will follow ‘Oh My Ghost.’

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