Home » Do Eun Young’s cause of death still remains unknown

On the recent broadcast of “One Night of TV Entertainment”, the show talked about the recent passing of singer Do Eun Young.

Although the show did not went into detail regarding the cause of the singer’s death, it has been allegedly revealed that Do Eun Young had suffered from the general hardships of life as well as bouts of depression.

Yeon Gyu Sung, a fellow singer and a close friend of Do Eun Young, appeared on “One Night of TV Entertainment” and reveals, “I got a call from Eun Young, but it was her mother and told me that Eun Youn had passed away. She never lost sight of her dreams and she was preparing for her album though she was suffering from depression and was going through a hard patch of her life.”

Yeon Gyu Sung also previously wrote on his Facebook account , “Do Eun Young, was a great singer whom I really cherished and loved, passed away yesterday. We have been singing together since Audition Box and for a new start, she also remade my track ‘Sad Song’. She had even recorded and finished the filming for the music video and was just waiting to announce it. I saw her just a few days ago, she was smiling brightly and we have recorded together, it is so hard to believe that she is gone.”

Although the exact cause of death of Do Eun Young is still unknown, an entertainment insider has speculated that she was overdosed on sleeping pills.