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Both agencies of I.O.I’s Somi and UP10TION’s Wooshin respond to the recent physical contact controversy on SBS’ music show, “The Show.”

The controversy began when “The Show” posted a video with MCs Somi and Wooshin sending their Christmas greetings to fans. In the said video, it appeared to some people that Wooshin had placed his hand on Somi’s chest area. As a result, viewers are calling out Wooshin and demanding him to apologize to Somi and her fans.

Somi and Wooshin 1

Following this, “The Show” then released a statement, saying, “The staff were there on the location when the MCs were filming this video footage. The scene was filmed with Somi and Wooshin keeping a reasonable distance between each other. We hope that there would be no more misunderstanding that would come regarding this issue.”

I.O.I’s management agency, YMC Entertainment, also stated, “Somi is taken aback because of all of the speculative comments. There is no truth to this controversy.”

TOP Media, agency of UP10TION, said that Somi and Wooshin checked the video before giving their permission for it to be posted. They also explained, “The physical contact that is being alleged did not happen.”

The agency then added, “Wooshin has promised to be more careful in the future in order to avoid causing such misunderstanding as a public figure again.”

Take a look at the said video clip below!

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