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Running Man” PD Jung Chul Min revealed his thoughts on the variety show’s recent controversy and talks about the ending of the program.

Previously, cast members Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were revealed to have been forced out from the show and Kang Ho Dong declined the offer to join the show’s second season.

Following the controversy, Jung Chul Min gave his thoughts on the issue. He shared, “Things became awkward among us when we had been like a family. During our meeting, many asked, ‘How did it turn out like this?’ The cast and the staff have been getting along just like family, so it does not really make any sense that the production side would do something like that. Misunderstandings were caused due to problems with communication.”

The PD also added, “It is regrettable that there were misunderstandings among us and that people were hurt just when we had been getting along so well. We asked ourselves, ‘It should not be like this, right?’ and decided that we will end the show in February of next year and clear up all the misunderstandings.”

The PD also shared that the scheduled filming for next week has been canceled and that talks will go on with regards to the direction of the program.

The show, “Running Man,” began to air in 2010 and has been known as the longest running variety show in the Korean television.

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