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Comedian and host Kang Ho Dong has been revealed to be declining the offer to join SBS variety show, “Running Man.”

Previously, Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo has been announced to be leaving the show, while Kang Ho Dong was in talks to join the show’s new season.

It was then revealed that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were forced out from the program.

Following the reports, Kang Ho Dong’s management label SM C&C has revealed that the comedian has declined the offer to join the show.

The label stated:

“Hello, this is Kang Ho Dong’s label, SM C&C.

As it was reported yesterday, Kang Ho Dong has received an offer to join SBS’ ‘Running Man Season 2.’ He made the decision to join after giving it a deep thought. But, we have found out that Kang Ho Dong’s decision could become uncomfortable because of various situations. As a result, we are here to officially announce our decision.

We do not know every detail of the situation. However, we do not want Kang Ho Dong’s appearance to be uncomfortable to the viewers even a little bit. With that, we feel hurt and sorry, but we will have to politely decline the offer.

We will also like to apologize for creating complications to the loving viewers of ‘Running Man’, the producers and SBS associates who have made the offer. We apologize.”

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