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Comedianne Lee Se Young apologized following the viral clip which shows the B1A4 members being sexually harassed during their appearance on “SNL Korea.”

Lee Se Young wrote through her Instagram account, “Hello, this is Lee Se Young. I apologize for disturbing many people because of my wrong actions on ‘SNL Korea.’ I apologized to each member on site, and I would like to apologize once again to all of the fans and members through this letter. I will reflect on my actions once again so that something like this would not happen again. I sincerely apologize.”

Following this matter, the comedienne has decided to turn down an award that she was supposed to be given from the “24th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards.”

A representative from the awards organization revealed, “Lee Se Young was chosen to receive an award in the comedian category. However, since the controversy, she contacted us that she will not be accepting the award.”

Her management agency, FNC Entertainment, has also revealed, “This awards show has been scheduled a long time ago. But, because of the current situation, it was decided that it would not be right to accept the award.”

“Lee Se Young felt that it was right and she also discussed this matter with the agency. After giving much thought, we asked the awards show for their understanding,” they also added.

Meanwhile, the awards show is set to take place on November 30.


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