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Management agency Big Hit Entertainment revealed to be taking legal action against malicious commenters against their in-house artist, BTS.

The agency has shared:

“Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

Starting from November 2016, malicious and false posts that hinder BTS’ character will be responded with strict legal action. We have decided to take on strict response since the members of BTS have been continuously suffering from false rumors and malicious comments.

Since their debut, Big Hit Entertainment, all of the members of BTS have given great effort to accept every criticism and evaluation for our growth and improvement. But, the netizen’s malicious actions that continuously criticize and attack the personal rights of BTS’ production and music promotions could no longer be overlooked.

According to the laws on defamation of character and personal information protection, such actions could be penalized with a prison sentence. In order to protect the rights of our artists, we will actively take legal action and process prosecution to those who have spread or report malicious posts and comments with foul intent. Moreover, we announce that we will continue to make legal actions with no agreements permitted in response to the actions that hinder the character of our artists.

 Thank you.”

Meanwhile, the group recently released their second album, “Wings” last October of this year, along with the lead single, “Blood Sweat & Tears.”


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