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The members of boy band ZE:A reunite after a year and three months in order to release a best-of album which includes a new track “Continue.”

It has been reported that ZE:A’s new track “Continue” which has a persuasive melody and a grand tune and chorus is written by the composing team e.one.

The new album is also said to be a compilation of ZE:A’s hit songs since their debut five years ago, including their very first single “Mazeltov” which was released in January of 2010. There would also be unpublished behind-the-scenes pictures from the group’s early days which would be included in the album.

The teaser image of the new album features the members’ hands reaching out to the sky. It is said that it was inspired from the lyrics of “Continue”, in which it says that they would fly again and go higher.

ZEA continue

Meanwhile, days before the release of the album, member Minwoo has began his military service.

The last track which the group has released was the song “Breathe” from their 2nd EP on June of 2014. Since then, each members have worked on their individual projects, such as acting, variety shows and being in a sub-unit.

ZE:A’s best-of album with the new track “Continue” would be released on September 18 on various online music sites.

Watch the official music video of ZE:A’s “Continue” below!



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