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All eyes are on Wonder Girls‘ Yubin and her pictorial for ‘1st Look‘ magazine.

The magazine released its latest edition on January 19th, and within its pages were Yubin’s independent pictorial and interview. The concept shoot was ‘The Beautiful Stranger‘, where the singer worked to come across as intimidating and chic, an image that goes against her usual approachable and care-free personality.

During the interview that took place at the shoot, Yubin remarked, “I feel like in the end, the years in between our U.S. debut and our recent comeback were actually very valuable. We experienced a lot of different things, learned [about] a new culture, and developed our English. I think we gained more than we lost, and we better understood why we had to be at each event we went to. We also learned how to better express ourselves.”

The singer recently transformed into an actress for the new Wonder Girls’ Teen Nick movie, ‘The Wonder Girls‘. “I was nervous because I’ve  never acted in a full-length movie, but thankfully I was with the other members so it became a little easier,” she said. “My character was very similar to how I am in real life, very boyish and down to earth, so it wasn’t too hard.”

Yubin also also proved to be an ambitious young woman. “If ever given the opportunity, I would like to become a radio DJ or a narrator for a documentary,” she explained. “I think a job where you deliver emotions with your voice is really appealing. I would also like to perform with my guitar. I just started learning last year, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Perhaps with a little more practice, I could perform on stage.”

Yubin’s full independent interview as well as the pictorials from her photo shoot can be found onwww.firstlook.co.kr, and in hard copies of the magazine.