Home » Yoseob Expresses His Regret In Leaving Immortal Song 2

Recently, Cube Entertainment had announced that B2st’s Yoseob would be leaving “Immortal Song 2” because of the group’s activities in Japan. The group will be leaving on the 20th of June and so Yoseob was forced to leave the show.

Yoseob then expressed his regret about this matter as he stated, “I felt a lot of pressure from ‘Immortal Song 2.’ I don’t know how the other idol singers felt about the show, but I was worried about it, and it became a burden. It got to the point where I had trouble sleeping at night because I was thinking about the show.”

On the other hand, the staff of the show had stated that Yoseob would be able to worked harder and out a lot of his strength into practicing. They also stated that Yoseob couldn’s memorize the lyrics easily and so made him stressed.

Yoseob also commented, “When we decided that I was going to withdraw from the show, I was relived because the tension and burden of the show was gone instantly. However, at the same time, I felt regretful because I don’t think I got the opportunity to show my all on the show.”

And when he was asked if he want to return in the show, he stated, “If I have the opportunity to join the show again, I will definitely go willingly. I want more opportunities to perform on the show. Lee Hongki, who will join the show as a new contestant, called me and it reminded me of when I first joined the show as a contestant.”

Dongwoon then also added, “Even though the members were nervous for the results of the show, we knew that even if Yoseob placed last, he would still be in the top six idol singers.”