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Yoon Do Hyun and his 7-year-old daughter Yoon Yi Jung guest starred together on the 200th episode special of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘.

The actual photo shoot for the episode took place at the end of August in beautiful scenic Hawaii, right after YB was eliminated from ‘I am a Singer‘. Naturally, YB spoke out about his elimination shock, as well as placing first the first week.

“It sucks to be eliminated, but it’s alright. We did the best we could,” he said. Little Yi Jung offered her encouragement and expertise as she told her father, “If you did the best you could, then you won’t have ay regrets!”

She revealed, “I was surprised and really happy for daddy when he placed first, but I liked it better when he was eliminated… When he gets eliminated, that means he can come home and play with me!” This little revelation, caused everyone on set to mingle with laughter.

“I hate that he can’t spend a lot of time with me,” she pouted. The busy father admitted that around hectic seasons, he comes home around only 10 days a month.

Yi Jung also honestly revealed she would like to have a boyfriend she could kiss, and Yoon Do Hyun looked heartbroken as he hilariously began singing his song, “I’ll forget you“. Different from the charismatic rockstar performer we see on stage, with his daughter, Yoon Do Hyun was a regular loving and very affectionate father.

The first part of the endearing episode of ‘Taxi’ starring Yoon Do Hyun and his daughter Yi Jung in beautifulHawaiiaired on the 22nd and the 2nd part will air on the 29th.