Home » Yoo Jae Suk attacked by anti fans!

National MC Yoo Jaesuk does not seem to have many noticeable flaws, whether it is his personal life or his entertainment image. However, he also has antifans. There has been a constant stream of criticism from antifans stating, “He has so much money and yet he doesn’t donate it.”

However, Yoo Jaesuk has followed the proverb “Do things with your right hands so your left hand doesn’t find out”, meaning that he has been donating money secretly to not bring attention to himself. For many years now, although a national MC, he has been constantly donating money to various charities.

On an interview on October 27th, Kim Jaedong stated, “I recently donated 7,000 won to a charity.” The Twitter account for that charity also backed up that statement. In response, one Twitter user wrote “Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk need to learn from him”, to which the charity responded that Jaesuk had already donated beforehand.