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YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s voice has been very popular eversince YG artists imitates his voice whenever they are on variety shows or interviews specially Bigbang‘s Seungri who copies him the best among the YG Family. It has been a trend in the family in which from Psy to 2ne1 , can imitate him even on how he delivers his message. And now, it seems it is a must/a need for new artists from YG. Or should I say, one of them can/should imitate his voice. When Winner was on Winner TV with Bigbang, they were also asked by Gdragon if anyone of them can imitate YG’s voice and moves for them to be funny on variety shows.

And now, the newly added members in YG Entertainment’s family “iKON” in which they appearing now on a reality show “Mix n Match” can imitate CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Yang Hyun Suk was interviewed by Star News on September 27,2014 and he told them that he saw the funny side of this imitation. He said, “I saw YG Artists copying my voice when they go on variety shows. But they never do it whenever I’m around, though!”

So for aspiring artists that want to be successful and be part of YG Entertainment, learn CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s ways(voice and moves) from now on!