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YG Entertainment had once again gave a gret gift for the fans of their artists. Yesterday, they posted, “YG Family Urgent Important Announcement” on 2NE1’s Japanese website. There was also a Ustream link attached to it as they asked the fans to take a view for it.

However, 2NE1’s Dara broke the news that as 2NE1 flies to Japan tomorrow – they will be also accompanied by fellow YG Entertainment talents such as Big Bang, Gummy and Se7en. Dara revealed, “Doo doong!!! Japanese YG Family fans! Attention! Tomorrow morning! 2NE1 will be going to Japan with their seniors, Gummy, Se7en, and Big Bang!!! YG Family will be taking off all together! What will we be going to do?!? +.+ YG Family will be taking off from Gimpo and heading to Tokyo~ Minna san! Asobimasho~!^_^”