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As many are still having their shock with the incident that involves Big Bang’s Daesung, the CEO of his management company, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunseok had posted to their company’s blog his thoughts regarding the incident and so he titled it with “About Daesung and the accident”On the 2nd of June, he had written, “I was really worried about Daesung because when something around him goes wrong, he always blames himself. And as I worried, he is not willing to see anyone right now and is just staying in his own room by himself.” he also continues, “I know nothing can really help him right now, but I visited him and said ‘it would have been really hard for me too if I was in your position.’ And this is not only to cheer him up but also what I think.”

He had also revealed, “I know that what Daesung is going through right now is nothing compared to the family of the victim of the accident, but I am worried about Daesung because after these type of big accidents or shocks, many people go through a very serious mental issue for months, years, or just forever.” and stated, “Also since Daesung was almost killed in his last car accident in 2009, he must be really suffering right now. Right now might be the hardest time of his life.”

On the other hand, the autopsy on the motorcyclist was already done in the morning of June 1st. One of the police that was incharged for the investigation had stated, “This morning the autopsy was performed. This is to figure out if the victim was already dead or if Daesung killed the victim. The result will come out in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.”