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Recently, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and girl group 2NE1 sat down for an interview and shared their thoughts about their recent success inJapan.

2NE1 released their debut album, “Nolza“, on September 21st, and it’s managed to grab 1st place on Japan’s Oricon charts for two consecutive days. Yang Hyun Suk gave a modest opinion of the matter, as he said, “2NE1 has just gotten their feet inside the door; they are receiving a lot of advice from K-Pop seniors who have already promoted in the industry.”

He continued, “Right now, we are just simply doing our best. It’s too early to think about success.”

Additionally, the CEO gave credit to SNSD and KARA for further expanding the Hallyu wave inside the country. “There’s no question that SNSD and KARA were among the first to successfully break into the industry, and thus many K-Pop idols including 2NE1 have made smooth transitions. Right now, we need to acknowledge that we are rookies in the industry and not get ahead of ourselves.”

2NE1, who witnessed firsthand the massive turnouts in their debut tour, commented, “We were really surprised that 12,000 fans came and filled the entire stadium. However, we won’t dare to think that we are popular in the business yet. We’ve promised each other that we will do our very best in our future concerts and be committed to whatever we do.”

According to reports, it’s expected that the girls will be raking in approximately 10 million USD from their Japanese tour alone. Up ’til now, the girls have sold 70,000 concert tickets, each ticket being sold at 7,500 yen while product sales in the stadiums have summed up to be 3 million USD.