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Wonder Girls recently guested on Boom‘s ‘Young Street’ radio show and discussed their thoughts on a variety of topics.

While on the subject of rookie groups, Boom asked the girls, “Is there any boy group that you think is good?”

Sohee replied, “Performance wise, TEEN TOP. Their choreography is so synchronized.” Sunye added, “Our choreography instructor also likes TEEN TOP. Sometimes during our breaks, our instructor will play clips [of them] and we’d talk about them amongst ourselves.”

Boom then joked, “So Sohee, do you really hate INFINITE then?”, surprising Sohee with the sudden comment as the other members laughed.

Yubin quickly jumped in for Sohee and smoothly retorted, “I’ve seen INFINITE’s performances. Their songs are good, and they dance so well. I thought they were really cool.”

Since Wonder Girls’ label mates, miss A, also once picked TEEN TOP as the boy group they’re interested in, netizens commented, “TEEN TOP seems to receive interest from JYP girl groups” and “The younger boys seem to have moved Sohee’s heart.”