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Former NRG idol group member Mun Sung Hoon‘s whereabouts were recently revealed, sparking the interest of many netizens and fans alike.

Mun Sung Hoon was recently featured on a popular entertainment program that aired on the 10th, and he revealed that he was currently working as a bag designer.

Not only does he personally manufacture his own bags, but he also teaches other students how to design and produce their own as well.

He explained, “A friend and I were interested in making wallets, but we soon moved on to bags… We first began by exploring the markets in which we could sell and slowly built expertise and experience.”

In regards to being a former NRG member he said, “I think I was too young back then and I lacked ambition. But there is a possibility that I would continue that dream if given the right opporunity.”

Mun Sung Hoon recently got married this past April.

NRG was a popular idol group that debuted back in 1997, they went through many ups & downs and in 2000 tragedy stuck when member Kim Hwan Sung died due to malignant viral pneumonia. NRG continued their promotions and released albums until their eventual breakup in 2005.