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Leeteuk and Kang Sora‘s casting was confirmed as the new couple for MBC‘s ‘We Got Married.

Leeteuk will be starting his married life with the actress on October 8th, but prior to the episode’s broadcast, PD Kim Jun Hyun took the time to explain his casting decision.

He began, “They’re a match made out of a mismatch.” Because their expertise lies in different industries, the PD hoped to bring them together to put something new on the table.

On Kang Sora, the PD stated, “Meeting her in person, she’s an honest person and knows how to show who she truly is.  She has a character that I’m sure will charm anyone, male or female.” Kang Sora also doesn’t know that much about idol groups, such as which member is in which group, and her knowledge about the music industry is fairly limited.

She first earned headlines back in June for guesting on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, telling fun stories about her life experience as a writer for martial arts and dropping 20 kg in weight.

On the other side of the coin, Leeteuk is a wellknown figure to the public, and there isn’t a variety show that he hasn’t been on. The public perceives him to be an active and outgoing type of guy, but the PD was able to see that there was more to him offscreen.

“When we asked questions about his personality or ex-girlfriends, he suddenly turned very shy.  We saw a side of him that you can’t see on variety programs, and all of it just felt very new to us,” he said.

Commenting on the couple, the PD stated, “Seeing them through pictures, I thought they fit together particularly well, in terms of visuals. You’ll be able to see a shy Leeteuk and a lovely new side of Kang Sora.”

He also revealed that since they don’t know anything about each other, they’re having a lot of fun trying to learn more on set.