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Recently, 2PM’s Nichkhun had showed his disappointment to f(x)’s Victoria. From the attest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, 2PM’s Nichkhun was seen while he is checking out a clip coming from the China’s CCTV where f(x)’s Victoria was featured as a guest.

In one of the earlier episode of the said TV show, Victoria had promised to her husband that she will say his name out loud in a filming to be one of her special mission and in order to see if Victoria had kept her promise, Nichkhun has carefully monitored and checked out the TV Show, but things didn’t go as it seems when Victoria wasn’t able to carry out his mission and make the latter disappointed. Aside from that, Nichkhun was somewhat got angry after he had seen that his wife was being too friendly to the MC of the show. Later that day, Victoria had called him to asked is he was home, but he expressed his disappointment by saying a muted “I don’t know“.

So after realizing that she made his husband disappointed because of her failed mission, she decided to make a special dance for him. Victoria had danced to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry that eventually make her husband smile and that was her mission accomplished even though it is not really part of the program. After the latter seen her special performance, Nichkhun had jokingly expressed, “what mission is this? Does this go on China’s CCTV? “Which makes Victoria smile and explained, “I didn’t have much time then”. And of course, Nichkhun had eventually forgiven his wife after that cute and sweet dance.

The couple won the “popularity award” on MBC Entertainment Awards 2010 alongside with the other couple, CN Blue’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun. Aside from that, the couple was called as the “Samgyeopsal couple” because on the first time they saw each other, Nichkhun had asked Victoria what is her favorite food and the latter had answered, samgyeopsal. On April 9th, the season 3 of “We Got Married” has officially started and this couple is still one of their participants.