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The upcoming rookie group under the management company of FM Entertainment, M.PEROR has been creating a wildfire lately as they seems to have all the qualities of a better group.The group is consists of six members who were chosen in a rigorous survival training in which each of the member had gone through a long years of training.

As they were interviewed by Newse, the boys had quickly shows that they have a very strong, family like bond that they had gained during the years that they were living together for the survival training. The members are namely Chanran which is a modern dance major and experienced in musicals, Eunchan who is a pretty boy, Jaeil, an actor, Kangon, the explosive vocals and the leader of the group,Tae Oh which is their dance machine and d.KAsh who is their gifted producer.

Their leader Kangon then began to explain that the group does not want to achieve immediate fame as they would rather take a long journey and have a one step at a time process in getting it. He stated, “We respect the original idols, Shinhwa seniors, a lot.  Not only only does their music and performance style impress us, but their ability to stay together as six members for such a long time.  We really want to emulate them.”

The group is set to debut on the 17th of June in OBS and they are going to have showcase nationwide. For their preparation prior to debut, the memebrs revealed that they could not even have much sleep and there are even time that they are ust going to sleep for two hours and get back to work once again.

so what do you think of this new group? are you going to wait for them?