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On December 12th, the movie premiere for Uhm Jung Hwa‘s ’Dancing Queen‘ was held at the CGV theaters in Apgujeong, Seoul.

Inspired by the title of her new movie, reporters asked Uhm Jung Hwa, “Have you recently gone to a club? If so, how are the recent clubs different from the night clubs in the past?”.

Uhm Jung Hwa replied, “When I came to Seoul at the age of 20, I liked Seoul’s Itaewon district the best. I liked night clubs, and I’ve been to a one recently, but its very different (from the ones in the past). The night clubs in the past had a lot of booking (waiters introducing clubgoers to each other), but these days, it seems like people like to go clubbing to listen to the music”.

Later on, Uhm Jung Hwa was asked about her plans for a new album. I’m thinking about possibly preparing an album for next year,” she said. “Right now it’s still up in the air, and the exact time isn’t set. I’m wondering what kind of music I should do.”

The movie ‘Dancing Queen’ will be released in theaters in January 2012.