Home » UEE will choose family over career!

Young women often ponder the issue of having to choose between their career and family, and After School‘s UEE is no different. The idol recently shared her views on the topic during her interview with TV Report .

On December 1st, UEE was asked, “If the son of a wealthy family wanted to marry you, but you had to give up your career, what you would do?” The singer responded, “If someone I loved asked me to step down from the industry to live a quiet life together, I would have a lot of thinking to do. This would be regardless of whether or not he comes from a wealthy family“.

“Regardless of marriage, I do plan on temporarily taking a break from the entertainment industry if I have a child. I would return maybe when he or she enters elementary school. I just want to give my child the same amount of love that my own mother gave me to me and my sister. That’s my dream“, she explained.

UEE continued, “But as of right now, I really like my career. I myself believe that this is a huge blessing. When my child reaches a certain age, I would most likely return. Like my seniors Kim Nam Joo, Jun Inhwa and Oh Yeonsoo, I want to maintain a perfect figure even after giving birth to children. Like them, I would like to sharpen my acting skills and return to the industry after starting a family to become an active actress.”

The idol also congratulated Choi Jung Yoon on her wedding, and expressed her respect for Choi who skipped her honeymoon because of a drama filming. “Unni, your professionalism is so admirable. If you plan on having a housewarming party, invite me over! I’ll bring over some good food“, said UEE.