Home » U-KISS’s Soohyun takes apology for KARA

U-Kiss’s “Neverland” producer Ryan Jhun badmouthed girl group KARA after their M! Countdown win. The producer went on to post various statements on his twitter account, saying that KARA shouldn’t have won, but U-Kiss instead. More of his updates included posts as “KARA is minor and U-Kiss is major” or “KARA can only dance, not sing”, enraging Kamilias and Kissmes all the like.

Earlier today, U-Kiss’s leader Soohyun posted up his own reaction on twitter, saying he felt responsible for what happened, even though it was the producer’s doing.

“It’s all my fault! I just heard about this now, but KARA sunbaenims, KARA sunbaenims fans, I’m sorry. Really sorry. Don’t be angry anymore because it won’t happen again. And Kissmes, please stop. Sorry, sorry… Since it involves U-Kiss, and I am U-Kiss’s leader, even if its someone else’s fault, its my fault too”.

A few hours ago, the producer himself also revealed a short apology, saying he’d already apologized to the U-Kiss members for causing trouble, and that fans of both groups should be angry with him and not with U-Kiss.

U-Kiss is currently promoting their second full album “Neverland”, while KARA had their comeback stages this week after the release of their newest album “STEP”.