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U-KISS recently confessed that they felt their #1 opponents were themselves, not other groups.

On September 6th, YTV‘s ‘News ‘n Issue’ interviewed U-KISS and asked them to name their rivals. The boys sincerely answered that it was themselves.

They explained, “Rather than thinking that we have to beat someone, we’ve always thought that we were our worst opponents,” and that “If we try hard to surpass ourselves, we believe there will be success in our future”.

Members Soo Hyun, Kevin, and Dong Ho have indeed been trying to challenge themselves by taking on acting. Soo Hyun and Kevin participated in the musicals ‘Chorus Line’ and ‘On Air Live’ respectively, while Dong Ho made appearances in movies and dramas.

Soo Hyun stated, “While doing the musical, I shed tears because I was reminded of the memories leading up to the debut. It was a good experience.”

Kevin also chimed in with his thoughts on his musical debut, saying, “Despite being my first musical, it was a good experience. My role was that of an idol, which was convenient for me. I want to keep acting.”

Since they’ve never won on a music program before, U-KISS has made it their goal to win 1st place for the first time with their 2nd official album, ‘Neverland’.