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Prior to U-KISS’s comeback, the boys signed on with Avex Entertainment and began promoting in Japan, earning popularity for their handsome looks and talent. The boys hit a daebak right from the start with their Korean album, “Bran New Kiss“, which landed within the top five on Oricon‘s daily chart on the day of its release, and rose to third the very next day.

It wasn’t an easy task, though.  They of course had to overcome the cultural differences as well as the pangs of homesickness that hit them when they practiced without any days off.  There would be no time for rest back at their dorm either, since they had to catch up their Japanese lessons.

“Aside from sleeping, the rest of our day was spent on rehearsing and Japanese lessons.” Although they only could get about five hours of sleep a day, they humbly stated, “We’re still far from success, though.”

They continued, “If we chose a specific color and told everyone that that was who we were, we’d be limited in what we could show. Our charm lies in the fact that we can come back with a new image each time.”

That’s why their comeback album has a variety of genres from electronic dance to medium-tempo ballads. The boys’ musical growth could be heard in the melodies and adlibs, which were produced by the members themselves; AJ and Kiseop even co-composed “Obsession“.

AJ stated, “I‘m consistently learning how to write songs.  I’m trying to listen to as many songs as I can and take in the advice of those around me.  Composing is something I want to continue doing, and I’ve also picked up the study of harmony to aid it.”

Even though they’re three years into their debut, they stated, “It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since we’ve debuted. We still feel like rookies.  his album, however, is one of high quality.  We all worked very hard even while attending to other commitments. Maybe it’s because we worked so hard on it, we’re also that much more confident and have a lot of expectations.”