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Tien: More than girls that are pretty, I like girls that are really proper and well-mannered. I usually don’t fall in love with girls right away, but rather I develop feelings for her over time. I can’t really think of a celebrity that best represents the type of girl I like, but if I had to choose, it would be actress Lee Dahae.

Taesung: I like girls who are cute and have a lot of ‘aegyo‘. I haven’t really thought about which celebrities are my favorite, but I think actress Choi Jiyeon comes close to being my ideal type.

There are so many boy groups and girl groups who are debuting these days, enough to say that the industry has turned into an ‘idol war zone’. What do you think will help Twi-light survive amongst these other groups?

?We are really confident when it comes to our performance, and we feel like our ‘Blade’ dance especially stands our amongst the rest. We also have a mysterious ‘vampire’ charm about us that we feel makes us unique.

When idol group members go on variety shows, there are a lot of instances where they help their group gain more publicity, but a lot of times they showcase their own unique talents and charms. What are some your individual talents?

?Taesung: I’m confident about emulating songs. I am practicing my performances right now, but I think I am pretty good at emulating Min Kyung Hoon.

Tien: I think I have a lot of unique talents, but I can’t reveal them quite yet. Secret.

Black: Even up until a year ago, I worked as a Taekwondo master in Seoul. I have my fourth degree black belt.

Jaeyoon: I did some breakdancing for 6 to 7 years. I really liked it, and I would like to showcase my moves on the air once I have the opportunity.

Siwan: I can write my own rap lyrics. I’ve been really interested in writing, and I am working to develop my talent. I am also good at emulating comedian Ahn Young Mi.

What do you guys do in your free time when you are not making appearance on TV or practicing?

? When we first started, we hardly had any free time, but now we live at home. We practice 12 hours a day and go home to sleep.

You guys have a brand new team, so it’s almost like you are rookies making your comeback in 2012. Do you have any special determinations for this new year?

?With our last album, we did a lot more performances than making TV appearances, but for this album we would like to not only go on major music programs but try our hand at acting and make a lot of variety show appearances. We would like to grow an develop into ‘Twi-light’ that fulfills our dreams as an artist.