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There are a lot of idols who try their hand at acting before they make their official debut as singers. Are there any of you who would consider acting? And what, if anything, would you like to try other than acting?

?Siwan: Before I began training to debut as ‘Twi-light’, I was preparing to become an actor and so I’m very eager to try my hand at it. I would also like to feature in some of the senior artists’ albums.

Jaeyoon: If ever given the chance, I would definitely like to pick up an acting role. And I’m very athletic, so I would like to be on KBS‘s ‘Go! Dream Team Season 2‘.

Heechun: Personally, I would like to release a single album. I’m most confident when it comes to dance, so I would like to become a dance artist. I would also like to display my unique personality on variety shows.

Minyoung: More than acting, I would like to be on variety programs, and I think I can emulate girl groups’ dances better than 2AM’s Jo Kwon or INFINITE’s Sungjong. I want to captivate the audience with my sensuous and bewitching facial expressions.

Taesung: Before our debut, I was part of a band. I like ballads better than dance, and I would like to release a solo album where I can well express my emotions.

Tien: I had a few roles in some independent movies before our ‘Twi-light’ debut, and I feel really passionate about acting.

Black: Like Taesung hyung, I would like to release a ballad album, but right now, I would like to focus on ‘Twi-light’ promotions.

Do you guys have any dating experience? Any of you dating right now?

?We all have dating experience, but none of us have girlfriends at the moment. Half of our days are spent practicing, and we are releasing a new album, so we haven’t even had the chance to think about things like that.

What are your ideal types? Pick a celebrity that is your ideal woman.

?Siwan: I like girls that are really confident, and among the celebrities, I like KARA‘s Park Gyuri. I like that she looks fierce.

Jaeyoon: I’m more on the picky side. I’m a little shorter, so I like girls that are petite and have a lot of ‘aegyo‘. I really don’t like girls that lie, and I don’t like girls that have a lot of guys around them. I would pick actress Kim Sarang and T-ara‘s Hyomin as my ideal types.

Minyoung: I like girls that are really down-to-earth and comfortable to be around. My ideal types would be comedian Jung Juri, and Shin Bong Sun. Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth.

Heechun: I just like pretty girls. I think actress Moon Chae Won is really beautiful.

Black: I like girls with sharp facial features and I feel attracted to girls who have really big eyes. Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung is exactly my type.