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On the 21st of April, it has been revealed that TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is sending educational aid and scholarships to his alma mater for the past seven years. On the debut broadcast of the new SBS program entitled, Dalgona (Sweet Hometown Days), Yunho was invited to appear as the first guest of the said show. The program had interviewed Yunho’s former 3rd Year high School teacher, who had later revealed that Yunho visits his alma mater during his vacation break, and had given scholarships with a costs of 3,000,00 won (approximately $2772.64 USD) to five students at the Kwangil High School and another fives students from Imgok Middle School. His teacher had also revealed that the singer has been steadily giving his juniors the scholarships for the past seven years. During the said broadcast, the teacher had thanked Yunho on behalf of the whole school that creates a warm atmosphere on the show while Yunho is just smiling slyly. Aside from the sharing of his personal stories, in the broadcast they will make an appearance for Yunho’s ulzzang younger sister and his first love, as we all know, he is Jung Ji Hye.

Fans had shown their love to the artist by commenting, “How can you not love this man?”, “he is so kind”, “that is why successes keep on coming, he is so good”, “such a perfect gentleman, I will be envious to his future wife”, “woah~ I want to work hard and have that scholarship too!!” and “he always help people around him, I bet this guy have already give millions just for the poor”

Recently, their management company had revealed that the group will be joining the upcoming first k-pop concert in Paris namely, SM Town in Paris alongside with their label mates, Girl’s Generation, SHINee and f(x). Co-label, BoA had commented that she can’t join the said concert because she will be in the shoot for her upcoming drama and she will be in Toronto for that day. It was confirmed that the concert will be held on June 10 at Le Zenith de Paris venue.