Home » TVXQ’s Yunho advices FT Island’s Minhwan

As all of you know, if you would be able to asked who is TVXQ, people would always comment that they are humble, very much down to earth and respecful people. Within the years of stardom, the members are still like that, some said that those are the secret of their successfulness. As they are already one of the “sunbaenim” of the current generation, U-Know Yunho, still give some advices with their juniors.

Recently, FT Island’s Choi Minhwan mentioned on his Twitter, “Senior U-know Yunho said this to us: Don’t be too worried about the future. Enjoy what you’re doing now and a successful future awaits us eventually!! ^^ Thank you!!”

It seems that the advice holds a very meaningful expectation, and absolutely came from experience. Fans whosaw this, immediately replied, “Yunho is so kind! ^^” and “That’s good advice to follow.”