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Much to the drama that is experiencing by the fans, recently, Chinese singer Ray Cho who sung the song Redundant accepted complaints and angered feelings of TVXQ fans. The song was leaked in the internet a day before its release. The song was proven to be a remake of TVXQ‘s japanese song “Wasurenaide”.

Also, the song Wasurenaide holds such important sentiment as it was by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, and it is included in their 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code. But what angered most of the fans is that, they remade the song without any consent coming from Jaejoong which caused such infringement on the copyright.

And regarding this, Ray Cho decided to release a statement on his Weibo.Check out his full statement below!

Hi everyone, I am Zuo Qi Bo. Please give me some time to clarify this whole matter.

Regarding the leaking of the song “Redundant” on internet and the causing of TVXQ’s fans unhappiness over the remake of the Japanese song “Wasurenaide” written and composed by Korean singer Kim Jaejoong, I would like to deeply apologize.

I do know that this song carries a lot of your stories and memories and believes that I will join in your big united loving family, because I am the same as you all, liking Kim Jaejoong, liking his talent and vocals. Kim Jaejoong is also my idol and role model at the same time. Therefore, we will cautiously settle the problems for this song “Redundant,” and we will eagerly try to reach an agreement with Kim Jaejoong himself. Cassiopeia, please be at ease! This song release will currently be frozen and would not be released or sang until an agreement is reached.

Additionally, with regards to “Redundant.”Composed by: Kim JaejoongRemake Lyrics by: Zuo Qi Bo/Wei SuOT: WasureinaideThis incident is not what I predicted it to be and it was a lack of consideration for the feelings of TVXQ’s fans. I would like to apologize again!!! Hopefully I can receive forgiveness!!!

On the other hand, this incident has nothing to do with Tian Yu Media, Avex Music (Avex China), and SM Entertainment, it is not a resale of Jaejoong’s song by Avex, as said by everyone.

I hope that everyone can understand. Please don’t blame the unrelated company, you can blame me for everything. Because I chose to sing this song and thus I should be the one to bear the responsibility. We will assure the composer’s rights and cherish the copyrights! I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and the troubles! I lacked consideration when doing things! Sorry!
Thank you! Hopefully everyone can give me a chance! Please don’t pursue this matter again!